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Broadside Gaming

We are the area's newest providers of tabletop games, dice, single magic cards, and more. Visit us for all of your gaming needs. The back area of our store has plenty of space for our friends and community to play their cards and tabletop games as well as sanctioned tournaments.

Meet the Crew


I have been playing trading card games since 2003. It has been primarily Magic the Gathering. I am passionate about creating a fun space for other trading card enthusiasts to not just buy cards but also have fun playing in future events. 

Captain of The Crew


I've played many different games over the years but for me gaming is more than just playing a game, it's the friendships you make along the way, the places you visit, and the memories. I want to be able to continue to create an environment where people can make new friends and memories.



I've been playing Magic the Gathering since 2018. My favorite color combo is Sultai (Black, Green, Blue). Planeswalkers are my favorite type of card and I aspire to collect them all. I am passionate about music, and I am a drummer. 

First Mate